Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life!

Pam Christian - The Juice Podcast interview

I don’t know about you but if you are anything like me then you are on the eternal search to live your best life possible.  The possibilities are endless for this best life!  While we often think we are powerless, truth be told, we have more power than most of us realize and it just comes down to tapping into that power in a variety of ways that will get us on the right path.  Tuning into our frequency and then elevating it is one way to do this!  

Life can be compared to different radio frequencies. When you listen to the radio, sometimes you want to tune in to one station or another, and sometimes you want to change the channel because you don’t like what you are hearing. Your life can be experienced pretty much the same way. You can live on a high frequency, where everything is humming in alignment. You feel good, you project a sense of centeredness and you glow from the inside out. Or you can live on a low frequency, which is essentially the opposite. The cool thing about this is that you get to decide exactly which frequency (or channel) you want to tune in to. 

What’s even cooler is that, like the radio, you can change it up at any time. It’s never too late! Every thought you have, every emotion you experience connects you to a different frequency. Hate, for example, is a frequency, but so is love. (Love is obviously a much higher frequency than hate.) When you tune in to either one, it becomes your conduit for connecting to the world at large. It colors every experience, every interaction, and it shapes your perspective as to what is possible for you.  

Or think of it like this: Do you consider yourself someone who “can have it all” (whatever “all” means to you) or someone who is a victim of bad luck? Whichever outlook you subscribe to (or frequency you tune in to) then becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. The reality you create for yourself is a direct result of those thoughts and emotions. (That frequency, in other words.) And then that is the life you live. 

We do this every single day. It’s just that most of us are doing it unconsciously. Imagine if you were actively aware of this power, though. The doors it could open for you are endless! On a high frequency, you’ll suddenly experience amazing synchronicities. Things will begin to happen precisely when you need them to, but it’s no coincidence. In fact, what you might’ve once considered “good luck” will seem to be rooted in something more intentional, something you consciously selected. This is what it feels like to interact with the world on a higher frequency. Choose the frequency you want to be on, and you choose your life!

Tune in with the following steps:

1.  Recognize what’s possible: If you don’t see it as an option, it’s pretty much impossible to change your frequency.

2.  Believe it can happen: There is a huge amount of power in believing.

3.  Take action: You have to take the first step for anything to change. It doesn’t have to be massive action. Just start by becoming more aware, and changes will stem from there!